Jämsä - The Choice for Business People

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Jämsä - The Versatile Business Environment

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Jämsek - Behind the succes stories

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Halli - Data Center Park

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NxtVn, a global investment company focusing on technology, has acquired the Halli garrison and will work on relaunching it as its flagship site for its pioneering concept of data center park.

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Jämsä - The Story of Your Life

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Versatile services, beautiful nature, and a diverse range of various hobbies ensure that people like to live in Jämsä. Jämsä and Himos offers excellent possibilities for physical exercise too.

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Traditional Felt from Jämsä

Original by Lahtiset

Every pair of boots which depart from the Lahtiset Factory proudly represents the long traditions of the Lahtinen family's history, even though the yearly production has expanded up to thousands of pairs of boots. Even today, the felt boots are made carefully, step by step by hand, as the invented machinery is not able to carry out most of the working phases accurately enough.

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