Developing business activities

Are you planning to invest in new machinery or construct a new industrial space? Did you come up with a new product idea or are you expanding into international markets? Are you looking for qualified labour, or does your staff include persons dedicated to their personal development?

If you are planning to broaden your operations with new products or services, it is always worthwhile considering possible development aids. When you invest in new machinery or expand your industrial property, you may be entitled to discretionary funds, if the investment will create new jobs, new products, and increase your turnover. You can also apply for funds for business management education or export opportunities investigations.

Feel free to contact us! Let’s go over your company’s current situation, draft a project plan, consider your possibilities to receive public funding, fill out possible funding applications, estimations, and other required attachments, together.

The maximum percentage of the investment’s acquisition cost:

Form of business Support area
Large enterprise 0%
Medium-sized enterprise
<250 people, <50 M€
10 %
Small enterprise
<50 people, <10 M€
20 %
<10 people, <2 M€
20 %