You already have a business idea and you are planning to start a new business. Congratulations! The more you plan your actions and operations for your future company in advance, the easier it will be for you to start. We will help you with composing your business plan and provide you with information on the economic environment and existing competition in the Jämsä region. The first priority is, of course, deciding what kind of entrepreneurial activities do you want to do in your business, but in addition to that, every entrepreneurship should always be valued from an economical point of view, meaning, what kind of costs shall you have and how can you create enough income. We can help you with profitability calculations.


Very often, new entrepreneurs need external financing to start their business. You can apply for a loan from banks and the Finnvera financing company. You can also apply for start-up or development aid or support for large investments from the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Central Finland (ELY Centre). We will clarify what kind of financial support you may be entitled to.

More information: Start-up grant 2016


Some entrepreneurial activities need a special permit (for instance, taxi-driving). In case of work-related accidents, losses and damages, every company should take out proper insurances, not forgetting the self-employed person’s pension for the entrepreneur.


The juridical form of an enterprise should be chosen according to the extent of the business, considering, will the entrepreneur work alone or with other people and weighing his/her personal matters. Possible company forms are: Self-employed entrepreneur with a registered commercial name, a general partnership, a limited partnership company, a limited-liability company, a cooperative society, and a social company.


As an entrepreneur, you will be the expert of your own field. Therefore, it is worthwhile considering, whether you should use your time to organize your bookkeeping, or should you buy these services from an accounting firm. For instance, you can find information on accounting firms operating in the Jämsä region from the business directory, which Jämsek Ltd. is maintaining.


We will help you with compiling the founding documents for your new company. It is good for an entrepreneur to carefully consider the name of the company in advance, as it will be the first noticeable marketing tool for the company. You can find out if the name is already occupied by writing the name into the information service of the trade register.

The taxes from entrepreneurial activities will be charged through preliminary collection. In addition, most companies are required to carry value added tax from all sales.

With the help of Jämsek, the founding of your company will start up smoothly.