The Development Company of the Jämsä Region, Jämsek Oy, is a limited company, owned by the City of Jämsä.

Jämsek was founded in 1994 as a mutual company of the region in order to serve the needs of regional and economic development. In addition to the members of the Jämsä city administration, the board of directors includes representatives from the local industries and small and medium-sized firms.

The basic function of Jämsek is to advance the development of the commercial and industrial life of Jämsä. Jämsek provides consultation for new-coming entrepreneurs and existing companies. Furthermore, Jämsek provides companies education, consulting, and other services from experts. Jämsek produces material for investment marketing and encourages new companies to start their business in Jämsä. Another important function of the company is to advance cooperation between the local firms and the city administration.

The business relocation service of Jämsek offers personal consultation and information, which will help you to find the best placement for your company. We will survey how you can find skilled workers and what education may be needed. We will also tell you about the available premises, industrial areas, and the services, which the local business estate company can offer you. We will also help entrepreneurs to find partners and create supporting networks with other companies.

We can react rapidly and flexibly to the wishes and needs of the business companies. Our services are free for local companies and companies, who are planning to start their business in Jämsä.

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